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< JToolBarHelper


Writes a custom option and task button for the button bar.

  • @param string $task The task to perform (picked up by the switch($task) blocks.
  • @param string $icon The image to display.
  • @param string $iconOver The image to display when moused over.
  • @param string $alt The alt text for the icon image.
  • @param bool $listSelect True if required to check that a standard list item is checked.
public static function custom($task = '', $icon = '', $iconOver = '', $alt = '', $listSelect = true)
        $bar = JToolbar::getInstance('toolbar');
        // Strip extension.
        $icon = preg_replace('#\.[^.]*$#', '', $icon);
        // Add a standard button.
        $bar->appendButton('Standard', $icon, $alt, $task, $listSelect);

[Joomla 3.2]