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Distributions Working Group

  • Coordinator: To Be Determined
  • PLT Contact: Matt Thomas

For further information see

Search Working Group

Now that Finder has been integrated into Joomla 2.5 in the form of Smart Search, the time has come to look forward to Joomla 3.x and how we want search to work in that series.

For further information see Search Working Group

System Tests Working Group

  • Coordinator: Puneet Kala and Mark Dexter
  • PLT Contact: Javier Gómez

For further information see System Tests Working Group

Translation Tools Working Group

The Translation Tools Working Group is starting point of a new working team that wants to give answer to a specific goal stablished by the Joomla Production Leadership Team in 2013 (see

Goal #5: Improve processes in Translating the Joomla Software and support the enhancement of the Joomla CMS multilingual system.

Specifically to one of its targets

5.2: Halve the dedicated time needed by a Translation Team member to provide a language package for Joomla. In agreement with the Translation Team, dedicate resources on improving processes and tools to automate the creation of translation packages and uploading them to the Joomla Languages Server.

Update Working Group

For further information see Update Working Group

Web Services Working Group

For further information see Web Services Working Group

SQL Optimization Working Group

Joomla!, being one of the top content management systems in the world, is constantly faced with stiff competition. Often times what is considered important about any CMS are the enhancements and the feature sets a specific CMS has. There is another (sometimes overlooked) important fact which we need to pay attention to as we consider the end-user’s needs, which is the speed of the software. This depends on a multitude of factors but the top-most bottleneck is often the database management system and the way we use it to store and retrieve data.

In the SQL optimization working group we are mainly focused on the above mentioned fact. Our vision is to provide the community a faster way in which the CMS interacts with the DB by reducing the database management system based overheads.