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return $fields;
return $fields;

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jimport( 'joomla.form.form' );

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public function getFieldset($set = null)
        // Initialize variables.
        $fields = array();
        // Get all of the field elements in the fieldset.
        if ($set) {
                $elements = $this->findFieldsByFieldset($set);
        // Get all fields.
        else {
                $elements = $this->findFieldsByGroup();
        // If no field elements were found return empty.
        if (empty($elements)) {
                return $fields;
        // Build the result array from the found field elements.
        foreach ($elements as $element) {
                // Get the field groups for the element.
                $attrs  = $element->xpath('ancestor::fields[@name]/@name');
                $groups = array_map('strval', $attrs ? $attrs : array());
                $group  = implode('.', $groups);
                // If the field is successfully loaded add it to the result array.
                if ($field = $this->loadField($element, $group)) {
                        $fields[$field->id] = $field;
        return $fields;