How do I store empty values as NULL in the database?

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If you want to store empty values as NULLs into the database, you need to override JTable::store() and JModelAdmin::prepareTable(). Add following snippets of code into your component's admin/tables/nameoftable.php and admin/models/nameofeditview.php


public function store($updateNulls = true) {
        /* overload JTable::store() to enable updating values into NULL */
        return parent::store(true);


protected function prepareTable($table)
        /* define which columns can have NULL values */
        $defnull = array('array','of','columns','that','can','have','null','value');
        foreach ($defnull as $val)
                /* define the rules when the value is set NULL */
                if (!strlen($table->$val))
                        $table->$val = NULL;