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This page lists upgrading issues you may encounter when upgrading to a current version of Joomla! from a previous one. Please use the links on this page to see more detail about the issue and the suggested fix.

Articles The Reported Issue Versions
AJAX and Content History menu items are displaying in the components menu When a site is upgraded from Joomla 3.1 to 3.2 using FTP or another manual upgrade, a number of extensions show up through the discover install method. 3.2.x
Cannot create new content 3.1.4 Some users report that they receive the following error when attempting to create new content (of any type). 3.1.4
Cannot log in to Joomla frontend A small number of users have reported not being able to log in to the frontend of Joomla! 3.1.4,3.1.5
Class attributes are not included in mailcloak Class attributes are not being included in mailcloak. 3.3.2
CLI Applications Broken Because of changes made to JTable, CLI and other stand alone applications that use JTable break in Joomla 3.1.3 and later. 3.1.3,3.1.4,3.1.5
Database schema version (3.2.3-2014-02-20) does not match CMS version (3.2.3)

After updating Joomla to version 3.2.3 (using MySQL database), the Extensions > Extension Manager > Database > [Fix] shows "Warning: Database is not up to date!"

Detailed instructions for updating from 3.1.2 to 3.1.4 Joomla! 3.1.2 wasn't an officially released version and my install was upgraded accidentally during a pre release error. 3.1.2
Errors in 2.5.26, 3.2.6, and 3.3.5 In the Joomla! 2.5.26, 3.2.6, and 3.3.5, an error was introduced into the code which processes Joomla! updates in the update component which causes errors when attempting to update Joomla. 2.5.26,3.2.6,3.3.5
Extensions Broken in 3.1.4 Some extensions that worked in 3.1.1 give a 500 error in version 3.1.4. 3.1.4
Getting a 500 when trying to sort users by User Group Open an article for edit, go to the Publishing tab, click to choose an author in Created by. A modal displays with 3 columns. Clicking to order by User Groups causes an error. 3.3.2
Global editor setting overrides user editor setting Global Configuration editor setting is overriding individual user's editor setting. 3.3.2
Insert error in menu table of migrated data If your site was migrated from Joomla! 1.5 to 2.5, you might experience problems when trying to update from your Joomla! 2.5.x to a 3.1.x version. 3.1.x
Missing JBrowser class after upgrading After update to Joomla 3.1.4 or later, some some extensions that depend on the native autoloader, with a working code before, may stop working. 3.1.4,3.1.5
Module article news ordering ascending Module article news show articles in reverse order. 3.2.0
Open basedir in effect in template manager
Problems for Sqlsrv The main article and category list queries are broken for SqlSrv based sites. 3.1.4,3.1.5
Subcategories Not Showing Why are subcategories not showing on drill downs?

In some category views subcategory information is not showing but they did prior to updating. This seems to be the case specifically when there is not a direct menu link to the category view displaying the subcategories.

Table xxx postinstall cpanels does not exist Users are seeing a "Table #__ doesn't exist" message due to an incompatibility in the older version of FOF code with the Joomla 3.x series. 3.2.x
The reCaptcha function has been temporarily disabled for Joomla 3.2 Error Message: The reCaptcha function has been temporarily disabled for Joomla 3.2 3.2.0
Toolbar buttons missing after upgrade Toolbar buttons are missing in the administrator views after a Joomla! upgrade. 3.1.4,3.1.5
Unable to delete modules after updating When a site is upgraded to 3.2, users are unable to delete modules and are shown a generic "An error has occurred" message. This also applies to trying to empty trash in the module manager. 3.2.x
Warnings upgrading from Joomla 2.5 to 3.x When updating from the 2.5 series to the 3 series you may see a large number of warnings and notices on the update page. 3.0.x,3.1.x