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<div style="width:100%; vertical-align:top; border-bottom:2px solid #B356C1; margin:.75em 0;"></div>
<div style="width:100%; vertical-align:top; border-bottom:2px solid #B356C1; margin:.75em 0;"></div>
<div style="width:100%; vertical-align:top; margin:.75em 0; text-align:center; font-weight:bold;">{{:Main Page/Browsebar}}</div>
<div style="width:auto; vertical-align:top; border:1px solid #B356C1; margin-bottom:.75em; padding:2px;">
<div style="width:auto; vertical-align:top; border:1px solid #B356C1; margin-bottom:.75em; padding:2px;">
{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/box-header-sq|More Joomla! Resources|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/More Resources|}}{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/More Resources}}
{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/box-header-sq|More Joomla! Resources|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/More Resources|}}{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/More Resources}}
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<div style="clear:both; width:100%"></div>
<div style="clear:both; width:100%"></div>
<div style="width:auto; vertical-align:top; border:1px solid #aaaaaa; background-color:#f1f5fc; padding:8px 8px 0 8px;">
{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/box-header-sq-alt-color|Things to do|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Opentask|}}
{{:{{FULLPAGENAME}}/box-header-sq-alt-color|Things to do|{{FULLPAGENAME}}/Opentask|}}
<div class="portal-column-left-narrow">
<div class="portal-column-left-narrow">
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<div style="width:auto; vertical-align:top; border:1px solid #aaaaaa; background-color:#f1f5fc; padding:0px 8px 0 8px;">{{license}}</div>

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