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Getting Started with Joomla! · FAQs · Glossary · Tips and tricks · Wiki policy

This is the Joomla! Bug Squad Portal

Workgroups bugsquad.jpg

This is where you will find all the information you need as a Joomal! Bug Squad member.

The Joomla! Bug Squad (JBS) is a team within the Production Working Groups. Their job is to identify and fix bugs in Joomla. This includes the following:

Please make sure you read about the Bug Squad

Joomla! Bug Squad Communication

  • The Bug Squad uses an ongoing Skype chat and a less busy IRC on Freenode: #joomla-bug-squad for interactive discussion (Web based Client, IRC cheat sheet). Once you are added to the squad a coordinator will include you in the Skype chat.

Join the Bug Squad

  • Set up an Username on Joomlacode (Click the Register new account in the Upper Right Corner)
  • Fill out this form JBS Roster
  • Send an email request to Mark Dexter ( dextercowley AT gmail DOT com ) requesting membership in the Joomla! Bug Squad and provide him your Joomlacode Username


Setting Up Resources