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The requested pagename is invalid!

You should have been redirected to the search page if the requested page does not exist, but if an internal link lead you here, the target page name may either contain invalid characters or the string "index.php", which is known to cause trouble.

Temporary workaround[edit]

If you are sure the page exists because you followed a "blue link", change the URL in your browser's address bar from

The target page should appear so you can read it.

Permanent fix for existing pages[edit]

First of all: don't try to move/redirect the page as this will not necessarily resolve the issue if the original page title is still linked to from someplace else.

Here's how you can fix links pointing to a bogus pagename:

  1. navigate to the bogus page using the workaround explained above
  2. click "What links here" in the sidebar to get a list of all pages that link to it
  3. open each page in a new tab/windows and hit edit
  4. prepend the standard wiki-link [[Page name causing trouble]] with the interwiki prefix "self:" [[self:Page name causing trouble|]]
if the regular link did not feature a link caption, use the "pipe trick" as illustrated

Fix for new pages[edit]

If you clicked on a "red link" then the target page does not appear to exist. Here's how you may fix that:

  • think of a better name for the target page that does not include strange characters or the string "index.php" and use that in the source page
  • if that is not possible use the interwiki prefix "self:" as explained in the previous section.

If none of the above helps[edit]

Post the issue in the Developer Documentation forum, or if you don't have an account for the Joomla! forums (how comes?) leave a note on the talk page. Please sign your entry by adding four tildes ~~~~ or click the "signature" button in the editor's toolbar.

Thank you