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function used to populate files and folder list

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jimport( 'joomla.installer.adapters.file' );

Source Body

private function populateFilesAndFolderList()
        // Initialise variable
        $this->folderList = array();
        $this->fileList = array();
        // Get fileset
        $eFileset = $this->manifest->fileset->files;
        // Set root folder names
        $packagePath = $this->parent->getPath('source');
        $jRootPath = JPath::clean(JPATH_ROOT);
        // loop through all elements and get list of files and folders
        foreach ($this->manifest->fileset->files as $eFiles)
                // Check if the element is files element
                $folder = (string)$eFiles->attributes()->folder;
                $target = (string)$eFiles->attributes()->target;
                //Split folder names into array to get folder names. This will
                // help in creating folders
                $arrList = split("/|\\/", $target);
                $folderName = $jRootPath;
                foreach ($arrList as $dir)
                        if(empty($dir)) continue ;
                        $folderName .= DS.$dir;
                        // Check if folder exists, if not then add to the array for folder creation
                        if (!JFolder::exists($folderName)) {
                                array_push($this->folderList, $folderName);
                //Create folder path
                $sourceFolder = empty($folder)?$packagePath:$packagePath.DS.$folder;
                $targetFolder = empty($target)?$jRootPath:$jRootPath.DS.$target;
                //Check if source folder exists
                if (! JFolder::exists($sourceFolder)) {
                        JError::raiseWarning(1, JText::_('Files').' '.JText::_('Install').': '.JText::_('Failed to find source directory').': "'.$sourceFolder.'"');
                        // if installation fails, rollback
                        return false;
                // Check if all children exists
                if (count($eFiles->children()))
                        // loop through all filenames elements
                        foreach ($eFiles->children() as $eFileName)
                                $path['src'] = $sourceFolder.DS.$eFileName;
                                $path['dest'] = $targetFolder.DS.$eFileName;
                                $path['type'] = 'file';
                                if ($eFileName->getName() == 'folder') {
                                        $folderName = $targetFolder.DS.$eFileName;
                                        array_push($this->folderList, $folderName);
                                        $path['type'] = 'folder';
                                array_push($this->fileList, $path);
                } else {
                        $files = JFolder::files($sourceFolder);
                        foreach ($files as $file) {
                                $path['src'] = $sourceFolder.DS.$file;
                                $path['dest'] = $targetFolder.DS.$file;
                                array_push($this->fileList, $path);

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