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JNode is a class that allows you to create nodes, normaly used as "leaves" of object-trees. Often used in conjunction with the JTree class.

Defined in



Method name Description
__construct Constructor
addChild Add child to this node
setParent Set the parent of a this node
getChildren Get the children of this node
getParent Get the parent of this node
hasChildren Test if this node has children
hasParent Test if this node has a parent


jimport( 'joomla.base.node' );


Code Examples

Tree Structures with JNode

JTree and JNode can be used to create and process simple tree structures. Let's see how this works for JNode with a simple example.

We want represent the family structure of the Smiths. Granny Barbara has two daughters. Stefanie and Aunti Sue. Stefanie has two children, Peter and Stewie. Auntie Sue doesn't have children.

Let's take a look how we can represent this familiy in an object tree.

$barbara = new JNode();
$stefanie = new JNode();
$sue = new JNode();
$peter = new JNode();
$stewie = new JNode();

//Granny Barbara has two children, stefanie, and sue

 * Sometimes we want declare parent-child relationships the other way around.
 * We can also do that

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