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Generic check for whether dependancies exist for this object in the database schema

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canDelete($pk=null, $joins=null)
Parameter Name Default Value Description
$pk null An optional primary key value check the row for. If not set the instance property value is used.
$joins null An optional array to compiles standard joins formatted like: [label => 'Label', name => 'table name' , idfield => 'field', joinfield => 'field']


boolean True on success.

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jimport( 'joomla.database.table' );

Source Body

public function canDelete($pk = null, $joins = null)
        // Initialise variables.
        $k = $this->_tbl_key;
        $pk = (is_null($pk)) ? $this->$k : $pk;
        // If no primary key is given, return false.
        if ($pk === null) {
                return false;
        if (is_array($joins)) {
                // Get a query object.
                $query  = $this->_db->getQuery(true);
                // Setup the basic query.
                $query->where('`'.$this->_tbl_key.'` = '.$this->_db->quote($this->$k));
                // For each join add the select and join clauses to the query object.
                foreach($joins as $table) {
                        $query->select('COUNT(DISTINCT '.$table['idfield'].') AS '.$table['idfield']);
                        $query->join('LEFT', $table['name'].' ON '.$table['joinfield'].' = '.$k);
                // Get the row object from the query.
                $this->_db->setQuery((string) $query, 0, 1);
                $row = $this->_db->loadObject();
                // Check for a database error.
                if ($this->_db->getErrorNum()) {
                        return false;
                $msg = array();
                $i = 0;
                foreach($joins as $table) {
                        $k = $table['idfield'] . $i;
                        if ($obj->$k) {
                                $msg[] = JText::_($table['label']);
                if (count($msg)) {
                        $this->setError("noDeleteRecord" . ": " . implode(', ', $msg));
                        return false;
                } else {
                        return true;
        return true;

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