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The "API16" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.


Method to store a row in the database from the JTable instance properties. If a primary key value is set the row with that primary key value will be updated with the instance property values. If no primary key value is set a new row will be inserted into the database with the properties from the JTable instance.


Parameter Name Default Value Description
$updateNulls false True to update fields even if they are null.


boolean True on success.

Defined in



jimport( 'joomla.database.table' );

Source Body

public function store($updateNulls = false)
        // Initialise variables.
        $k = $this->_tbl_key;

        // If a primary key exists update the object, otherwise insert it.
        if ($this->$k) {
                $stored = $this->_db->updateObject($this->_tbl, $this, $this->_tbl_key, $updateNulls);
        } else {
                $stored = $this->_db->insertObject($this->_tbl, $this, $this->_tbl_key);

        // If the store failed return false.
        if (!$stored) {
                $this->setError(get_class($this).'::store failed - '.$this->_db->getErrorMsg());
                return false;

        // If the table is not set to track assets return true.
        if (!$this->_trackAssets) {
                return true;

        if ($this->_locked) {

        // Asset Tracking

        $parentId       = $this->_getAssetParentId();
        $name           = $this->_getAssetName();
        $title          = $this->_getAssetTitle();

        $asset  = JTable::getInstance('Asset');

        // Check for an error.
        if ($error = $asset->getError()) {
                return false;

        // Specify how a new or moved node asset is inserted into the tree.
        if (empty($this->asset_id) || $asset->parent_id != $parentId) {
                $asset->setLocation($parentId, 'last-child');

        // Prepare the asset to be stored.
        $asset->parent_id       = $parentId;
        $asset->name            = $name;
        $asset->title           = $title;
        if ($this->_rules instanceof JRules) {
                $asset->rules = (string) $this->_rules;

        if (!$asset->check() || !$asset->store($updateNulls)) {
                return false;

        if (empty($this->asset_id)) {
                // Update the asset_id field in this table.
                $this->asset_id = (int) $asset->id;

                        'UPDATE '.$this->_db->nameQuote($this->_tbl).
                        ' SET asset_id = '.(int) $this->asset_id.
                        ' WHERE '.$this->_db->nameQuote($k).' = '.(int) $this->$k

                if (!$this->_db->query()) {
                        return false;

        return true;


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