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The "API16" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.


Method to add a user to a group.


static addUserToGroup($userId, $groupId)
Parameter Name Default Value Description
$userId $userId The id of the user.
$groupId $groupId The id of the group.


mixed Boolean true on success, on error.

Defined in



jimport( 'joomla.user.helper' );

Source Body

public static function addUserToGroup($userId, $groupId)
        // Get the user object.
        $user = new JUser((int) $userId);

        // Add the user to the group if necessary.
        if (!array_key_exists($groupId, $user->groups))
                // Get the title of the group.
                $db     = &JFactory::getDbo();
                        'SELECT `title`' .
                        ' FROM `#__usergroups`' .
                        ' WHERE `id` = '. (int) $groupId
                $title = $db->loadResult();

                // Check for a database error.
                if ($db->getErrorNum()) {
                        return new JException($db->getErrorMsg());

                // If the group does not exist, return an exception.
                if (!$title) {
                        return new JException(JText::_('Access_Usergroup_Invalid'));

                // Add the group data to the user object.
                $user->groups[$groupId] = $title;

                // Store the user object.
                if (!$user->save()) {
                        return new JException($user->getError());

        // Set the group data for any preloaded user objects.
        $temp = & JFactory::getUser((int) $userId);
        $temp->groups = $user->groups;

        // Set the group data for the user object in the session.
        $temp = & JFactory::getUser();
        if ($temp->id == $userId) {
                $temp->groups = $user->groups;

        return true;


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