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The "API17" namespace is an archived namespace. This page contains information for a Joomla! version which is no longer supported. It exists only as a historical reference, it will not be improved and its content may be incomplete and/or contain broken links.

Joomla 11.1 JLDAP[edit]



Visibility Method name Description
public __construct Constructor.
public add Add an attribute to the given DN Note: DN has to exist already.
public anonymous_bind Anonymously binds to LDAP directory.
public bind Binds to the LDAP directory.
public close Close the connection.
public compare Compare an entry and return a true or false result.
public connect Connect to server.
public create Create a new DN.
public delete Deletes a given DN from the tree.
public generatePassword Generates a LDAP compatible password.
public getDN
public getErrorMsg Returns the error message.
public ipToNetAddress Converts a dot notation IP address to net address (e.g.
public LDAPNetAddr extract readable network address from the LDAP encoded networkAddress attribute.
public modify Modifies an entry and return a true or false result.
public read Read all or specified attributes of given dn.
public remove Removes attribute value from given dn and return a true or false result.
public rename Rename the entry.
public replace Replace an entry and return a true or false result.
public search Perform an LDAP search.
public setDN Sets the DN with some template replacements.
public simple_search Perform an LDAP search using comma seperated search strings.
  • Defined in libraries/joomla/client/ldap.php
  • Extends JObject


jimport( 'joomla.client.ldap' );

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