Administrator goals

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Think about your day as a Joomla site administrator and the tasks you had to perform. Think about the goals you were trying to achieve then break those goals down into a set a of short titles that can be added to this page. This is a temporary page that will be transformed into something else at a later stage.

  • Add a new page to the website
  • Remove a menu item
  • Change menu items to different content
  • Change the logo
  • Change article display settings (show dates/ email icons / authors) based on article, category, and global options
  • Add a new module
  • Find out what module positions would show where on the page
  • Set cache settings, and once set remember to purge cache to see changes
  • How Metadata settings affect things like mod_relateditems
  • Accessing page statistics (might be a bit basic)
  • How to implement Google Analytics / Piwik / xxxxx tracking scripts
  • How to backup my site - SQL databases and files and maybe cover backup to something like Amazon S3?
  • How to enable remote authoring tools XML/RPC etc. etc.