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User Registration and Management

One line summary[edit]

Create User Registration and Management environment to support basic social networking with extended User data and basic Microformats.


Using Kevin Devine's User Meta Data as a starting point, create a basic framework with example data elements for a social networking site. These data should include what is needed for hCard, XFN, and basic geo Microformats.

Design and implement an interface for site developers that allows a) additional user parameters and b) linked tables to host user data. One of the linked tables should be a friend list for members selected as friends. Include additional user meta data that stores the end user answer as to whether or not they want their data shared with friends, site members or the public.

Include ability to define edits, too, for required data, related data (ex. if they say "Yes" for this question then this response must be supplied.), ranges that are valid (this is a starting list not an exclusive list).

Frontend This extension should provide a front end interface that end users can use to update their own personal information and select and reject friends.

Provide a component that shows a listing of site members and allow others to visit the member's page (if they have agreed to be visited.) Ensure only allowable data is presented according to the member's privacy options.

Markup and style Microformat output appropriately.


Skills needed[edit]

PHP, Joomla! 1.5 extension development (can learn that)



Work Product[edit]

Working, documented third party extensions and white paper discussing major project goals, achievements and ideas for further expansion by developers.


All code must be created using the [GNU General Public License version]

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.

Possible mentor[edit]

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