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One line summary[edit]

Create an extension that will install plugins into the TinyMCE editor from within the Joomla! adminsitrator.


TinyMCE ([1]) is one of two WYSIWYG editors incldued in the Joomla! core. There are numerous plugins available for TinyMCE ([2])that would expand its usability in a number of ways, but there is no simple way for site administrators to install them.

For this project you will create an installer for TinyMCE plugins that will also serve as a model for other pluggable extensions.

Skills needed[edit]

Solid understanding of Joomla! and excellent php skills.


Work Product[edit]

A fully operable Joomla! 1.5 native extension that follows Joomla! coding standards and is well documented. Documentation of the process of building the extension as a model for other extensions that will install plugins to extensions.


All code must be created using the [GNU General Public License version]

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.

Possible mentor[edit]

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