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One line summary[edit]

Create an download extension for Joomla!


Current download option of Joomla! is a simple image(map) and refers to the downloadable packages on The package building is done with a simple shell script (including the delta packages), but the uploading to and the change of information is a manual task. In this project we would like to combine build scripts, with the possibility to integrate it with this extension.

For the build scripts we want Phing (ant alike build scripting) to be used. The build scripts need to provide the following packages:

  1. Full Joomla! package (en-GB)
  2. Full Joomla! package, localized versions
  3. Incremental Joomla! packages (between maintanance releases)

The download extension needs to be able to categorize the downloadable package, hold download statistics but also controll the download location (load balancing), publish date/time etc. etc.

Skills needed[edit]

PHP, Joomla! 1.5 extension development, Ant/Phing build script buidling



Work Product[edit]

  1. Phing Build scripts
  2. Download extension


All code must be created using the [GNU General Public License version]

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.

Possible mentor[edit]

Wilco Jansen

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