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One line summary[edit]

Create an "One-click upgrade" to easily apply patches in Joomla!


Please note: This feature is already planned for Joomla! 1.6 (see white papers) so it might not be suitable for GSoC.

Many users keep using old (and insecure) version of Joomla! because they are too lazy too apply patches manually. This project will add the feature (and an API for extension developers) to download/install maintence patches in your Joomla! installation. We also have to think about automatic backup, as patches can always break some 3rd party compatibilites. An option similar to etc-update on Gentoo or a simple vimdiff for cases of overwriting customized files. Some sort of check (e.g. checksum) from the previous release could verify whether the file has been modified by the user vs just an update from the previous version of the given file.

Skills needed[edit]

PHP, Joomla! 1.5 Framework, XML



Work Product[edit]


All code must be created using the [GNU General Public License version]

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.

Possible mentor[edit]

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