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Civicrm Integration: Access organizational data for frontend updating

One line summary[edit]

Develop and implement a method to allow organizations to update their own CiviCRM records from the Joomla! front end.


Civicrm [1] is a powerful constituent relationship management system designed for the not for profit/nongovernmental organizations. It currently integrates with Joomla! and the 2.1 version will be native to Joomla! 1.5.

Constituent records in CiviCRM may be for individuals, households and organizations. Currently individuals can up date their records from the Joomla! front end if administrators allow it. However, many organizations have other organizations as contituents and currently there is no way for organizational (or household) records to be updated in the front end.

For this project, the student will design and implement a method allowing organizations to update their records by exposing the organizational api to the Joomla! front end and developing appropriate access control and activity tracking.

For this project the student should plan on interacting closely with both the Joomla! and CiviCRM teams.

Skills needed[edit]

Very strong PHP and MySQL skills.


Work Product[edit]


All code must be created using the [GNU General Public License version]

Documentation written for this task must be made available under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License.

Possible mentor[edit]

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