Joomla! 1.6 Development Status

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Task Blocker Status Contact person Description
Implement JForm library Alpha 100% Rob Schley, Andrew Eddie This library allows to create forms from XML definition files. See the introduction at
Implement new event triggers Alpha 60% onBeforeRender, triggers in JForm, onContentDisplay etc.
Implement new controller dispatcher Alpha 100% See the discussion at where Louis explained how this works in 1.6. See related article in wiki here: Xml-rpc changes in Joomla! 1.6.
Upgrade to Mootools 1.2 Alpha 100% Louis Landry, Ercan Özkaya
Javascript translation Alpha 100% This is implemented and finished. Take a look at JOpenID Javascript class and mod_login for details
New extension updater work Alpha 100% Samuel Moffatt New extension updater is implemented, but not finished yet.
Conversion of INI to JSON Alpha 100% We now use JSON format for storing parameters in the database. This is completed for core components.
Nested categories Alpha 90% Hannes Papenberg
Access control list (ACL) Alpha 80% Hannes Papenberg, Louis Landry
User management system Alpha 75% The new com_members needs to be proof checked.
Documenting the triggers, finishing them 10% Louis Landry, Rob Schley, Andrew Eddie The triggers for JForm need to be implemented in the respective extension, which has not happened yet. We need a plan for this one.
MVCing backend components 90% Most of the back-end components have MVC file structure, but they are not fully MVC yet
Parameters for templates in the database 100% Hannes Papenberg Especially the UI will take a lot of work, we might have to change the database for this one.
Add template parameter set to menu item creation 10% Hannes Papenberg
Refactoring parameters 80% A review of the current parameters and implementing new ones for the new category system.
Comments system 80% Louis Landry, Andrew Eddie, Rob Schley It will be donated by JXtended and will be added to trunk somewhere in the beta phase.
Hooks for external authentication systems 0% Need to be implemented in JUser and in the code where Usergroups are managed. Maybe we need a JUsergroupclass
Database driven install log 0% Samuel Moffatt
Convert all layouts to semantic and XHTML strict 0% Ron Severdia There are some efforts going on for this. See the topic at
Timezones, JDate and Datetime (gregorian, julian, shamsi, hijri, jewish, buddhist, ethiopian, chinese and french calendar) 0% Hannes Papenberg
Refactoring all components to use JForm 80%
Localising invalid token message 100% die('Invalid Token') will be replaced by jexit(JText::_('JInvalid_Token'))
Ability to select multiple categories for some views 0%
New sample content 80% Elin Waring
Reformat translation files to adhere to proper INI specs 75% Ole Ottosen, JM Simonet In 1.6 we will use PHP's own INI parser and will namespace strings. For example "Weblinks_Category_Fieldname" or "Config_Application_Name"
Migration script from 1.5 to 1.6 0% oc666 Migration script from 1.5 to 1.6
Add module assignment to menu items creation 100%
Ability to load additional layouts with a template 0% Hannes Papenberg
Language switcher frontend 0% Christophe Demko