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Note: the Scholarship Programme was finished in 2013.

The goal

The Joomla! Scholarship program is designed to help active members of the Joomla! community, who need financial support to attend important events related to the Joomla! project.

With this budget the Joomla! project wants to support the voluntary contributions of active members of the community, and thus ensure their attendance at sessions that are strategic for the future of the project. At the same time the project wants to assist evangelist to attend important technology events like FOSDEM, CEBIT or OSCOM to spread the Joomla! project arround.

The scholarship program will do concrete calls for specific occasions like a few months before the celebration of the Joomla! World Conference or the JandBeyond events, but it will be also open yearly for other relevant events that take place in the Joomla! sphere.

The budget

The budgeted amount for 2013 for the Joomla Scholarship Programme is USD$ 90,000.

Nominations for the scholarship

All persons who wish to apply for a scholarship must fill in a form similar to the following:

Eligibility for a Scholarship

The election of the elected candidates will be taken by a committee representing the Joomla! leadership team (Community Leadership Team, Production Leadership Team and Open Source Matters) and members responsible of the specific event.

Anyone is able to apply for a Scholarship but before you do please consider if your attendance is dependant solely on receiving a Scholarship.

Scholarships are not to be seen as either rewards or incentives but are based purely on any need for financial assistance.

Each application will be judged on its own merit and not in comparison to any other application. As the number of scholarships and the amount of money in the scholarship fund is limited the following factors will be taken into account:

  • current involvement in the Joomla community (either local or global)
  • the potential benefit to the recipient
  • the potential benefit to the Joomla community (either local or global)

Note: Previous recipients of a Scholarship are eligible to apply for a second time.

Responsibilities of the elected candidate

Elected candidates are expected to:

  • Attend the event
  • Send a report to the Scholarship programme committee about the recipient's experience
  • Write a minimum of one article explaining that experience and publish it in the Joomla Magazine (or other known and open communication channel).
  • Send graphing material (photos or videos) to the scholarship programme committee proving his/her attendance
  • Also participating in sessions, in the event working team, proposing a lecture and speaking at a conference is optional but will be considered a plus in eligibility process

Failure to comply with the requirements will result in the cancellation of the scholarship will also remove the possibility that person to qualify for any other program of Open Source Matters.

Review process and the Joomla Scholarship Committee team

A Joomla! Scholarship Committee, formed by representatives of the leadership teams (PLT, CLT and OSM), together with representatives of the event organising team, will take part in the electing process. This committee should consist at least of one member of each LT team and at least one member of the community.

The representatives are elected by their own teams. For example, PLT elects its representative from inside their team to form part of this Scholarship Committee to be its representative for a maximum of a year. After a year, there will be an evaluation and new elections need to be done. The representative can be re-elected to continue the work in the committee.

The team is responsible for:

  • defining a set of rules for the eligibility of candidates of the Scholarship Programme.
  • electing the candidates

The leadership members that are part of the committee are responsible for:

  • making sure the whole community is aware of the existence of this programme, and trying to spread it so that it reaches those communities and individuals that can benefit the most (with great focus on internationalisation, newly born localised communities or not very active ones).
  • recruiting the community members
  • informing their respective teams about the programme elections, expenses and evolution

The committee will also be able to build an advisory board formed by event organisers that will help in the Eligibility process.

Document notes

This document was first published the 16th of august 2013

This document has been authored by a inter team committee formed by: Javier Gomez (Production Leadership Team), Radek Suski (Open Source Matters), Isidro Baquero (Community Leadership Team)

This document has been reviewed by: Paul Orwig, Sander Potjer, Jacques Rentzke, Alice Grevet, Alice Grevet, Dianne Henning, (add your name here if you review the document)

Document based in the original JandBeyond2012 Scholarship Programme