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Component Release Files[edit]

Included in this example are zip files for four releases. You will need to download all four to exercise the features of this example.

Version 1.0[edit]

The zip file can be downloaded from It contains files:

  • democompupdate_10/democompupdate.xml
  • democompupdate_10/script.php
  • democompupdate_10/admin/sql/install_data.sql
  • democompupdate_10/admin/sql/uninstall.sql
  • democompupdate_10/admin/sql/updates/1.0.sql
  • democompupdate_10/site/controller.php
  • democompupdate_10/site/democompupdate.php
  • democompupdate_10/site/models/democompupdate.php
  • democompupdate_10/site/views/democompupdate/view.html.php
  • democompupdate_10/site/views/democompupdate/tmpl/default.php

Version 1.0.j3[edit]

The zip file can be downloaded from It is identical to version 1.0, except that is requires Joomla 30.0. The intent is that this will cause an abort of the install or update. Diff's of democompupdate_10 and democompupdate_10j3 show how files have changed.

diff -r democompupdate_10/democompupdate.xml democompupdate_10j3/democompupdate.xml
< <extension type="component" version="1.6" method="new">
> <extension type="component" version="30.0" method="new">

Version 1.1.1[edit]

The zip file can be downloaded from Diff's of democompupdate_10 and democompupdate_111 show how files have changed.

diff -r democompupdate_10/admin/sql/install_data.sql democompupdate_111/admin/sql/install_data.sql
< (1,'1.0');
> (1,'1.1.1');
Only in democompupdate_111/admin/sql/updates: 1.1.1.sql
Only in democompupdate_111/admin/sql/updates: 1.1.sql
diff -r democompupdate_10/democompupdate.xml democompupdate_111/democompupdate.xml
< <extension type="component" version="1.6" method="new">
> <extension type="component" version="1.6" method="upgrade">
< 	<version>1.0</version>
> 	<version>1.1.1</version>
diff -r democompupdate_10/site/views/democompupdate/view.html.php democompupdate_111/site/views/democompupdate/view.html.php
< 		$myRev = '1.0';
> 		$myRev = '1.1.1';

Version 1.3[edit]

The zip file can be downloaded from Diff's of democompupdate_111 and democompupdate_13 show how files have changed.

diff -r democompupdate_111/admin/sql/install_data.sql democompupdate_13/admin/sql/install_data.sql
< (1,'1.1.1');
> (1,'1.1.1'),
> (2,'1.2.1'),
> (3,'1.3');
Only in democompupdate_13/admin/sql/updates: 1.2.1.sql
Only in democompupdate_13/admin/sql/updates: 1.2.sql
Only in democompupdate_13/admin/sql/updates: 1.3.sql
diff -r democompupdate_111/democompupdate.xml democompupdate_13/democompupdate.xml
< 	<version>1.1.1</version>
> 	<version>1.3</version>
diff -r democompupdate_111/site/views/democompupdate/view.html.php democompupdate_13/site/views/democompupdate/view.html.php
< 		$myRev = '1.1.1';
> 		$myRev = '1.3';