Use a leading space in Page and Module Class Suffix parameters

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Page Class Suffix and Module Class Suffix parameters allow you to change the CSS classes in the HTML that Joomla! generates. This in turn allows you to apply individual CSS code to change the appearance of individual Menu Items or Modules.

The suffix will be appended to an already provided class, changing it to a different class. To avoid that, you can enter a suffix with a leading space. For example " myNewClass" (that is, <space> + "myNewClass"). If you enter a suffix with a leading space, the default class remains in effect and the one you provided is added. With " myNewClass", the HTML code for a "componentheading" element would be changed from

<div class="componentheading">


<div class="componentheading myNewClass">

Now, this "div" element has two CSS classes assigned to it. The existing styling will still work correctly, since the element still has the "componentheading" class assigned to it. To change the style for this element, you simply add new CSS for class "myNewClass".

For example, to change the background color for the heading just in this one Menu Item, you could add code something like this to your template's CSS file:

.componentheading.myNewClass {
    background-color: #FFE4E1; /* mistyrose */ 

Because you are specifying both the "componentheading" and the "myNewClass" in the CSS selector, this style will only be applied to this one element.

One word of caution: make sure your new CSS style name does not duplicate any existing CSS classes! Otherwise, you will get styles applied incorrectly.

See the Using Class Suffixes for more information.