Assigning the Login Form module to selected web pages

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You can make the Login Form module appear on one or more pages by assigning it to selected Menu Items. This is done using the fields in the Menu Assignment group on the Module Edit screen. To learn how to do this see Changing the Login Form module settings. The following list describes the settings in the Menu Assignment group.

  • Menus: Is a radio button field with the following options:
    • All: The Login Form module will appear on all screens.
    • None: The Login Form module will not appear on any screens.
    • Select Menu Item(s) from the List: The Login Form module will appear on those screens selected in the Menu Selection field.
  • Menu Selection: Shows a list of all the Menus and Menu Items from which one or more may be selected. This field is only used if the Menus field is set to Select Menu Item(s) from the List. To select more than one Menu Item on the list, you Shift-click to select a range of items, or Control-click to select or deselect individual items.

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