Auto Sync Data to Third Party Apps using SSO

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Auto Sync Data to 3rd Party Add-Ons[edit]

Why miniOrange was chosen:[edit]

  • It offers a highly flexible and scalable development foundation that can be tailored to specific requirements.
  • Customizations and integrations are very affordable.
  • Support 24*7.

The Technology Used:[edit]

  • PhP
  • Frontend ReactJS Application, HTML and CSS

Plugin used:-[edit]


When a user performs SSO, data should be entered into a third-party add-ons database.

Solution Provided:[edit]

When performing single sign-on between IDP and the Joomla site. When a user is authenticated by an identity provider, the user login to Joomla. After authentication, the Identity Provider must send some type of data stored in the Identity Provider to a third-party application that is already integrated with Joomla. Obtaining information in the form of attributes sent by IDP to SP as Joomla. These attributes are then displayed on third-party applications or in articles.

Flow diagram[edit]

Joomla SAML SSO in 3rd party apps