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Das Automated Testing Team fällt in die Zuständigkeit des Production-Departments, das alle Aspekte im Zusammenhang mit dem Code der vom Joomla!-Projekt geleiteten Software beaufsichtigt.

This is the home page of the Automated Test Team. This team is the result of combining the old System Testing Working Group and the Unit Testing Working Group.

Team Mitglieder

Bitte das Freiwilligen-Portal für einen Überblick der Teammitglieder besuchen..


  • Improve the Quality of Joomla CMS software
  • Create learning material about "how to test" for the Joomla Community.


The next steps for 2017 / 2018 are:

  • System test coverage for Joomla! CMS core
  • Update PHPUnit to newest version
  • Code Sniffer rules
  • New docker based infrastructure
  • Extension Tests for B/C.



  • Merge system tests into core (tests/codeception)

Google Summer of Code

  • JavaScript Tests for Joomla 4
  • Parallel Testing setup
  • PR Testing platform.


  • System test architecture.

Google Summer of Code

  • JavaScript Tests with Karma and Jasmine
  • focus on Joomla system Tests and test architecture for Joomla.

GSoC 2014