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Pizza, Bugs and Fun 2020


This weekend is Pizza, Bugs & Fun 2020, being held online due to COVID-19. For more information on the event, visit the PBF website. The BF@H meets will be open a little earlier to get PBF20 started from Australia, at 2200UTC Friday night.


Bugs and Fun @home is an event where Joomla enthusiasts meet online to improve Joomla. This is not only for improving the code of Joomla but also the documentation and translation. It is an online event for everybody to come, have fun and meet fellow Joomlers.

The idea behind organizing Bugs and Fun @home events is to achieve these goals:

  • Reduce the number of open issues
  • Get Joomla tested on different environments
  • Get more people interested in testing issues at home
  • Meet fellow Joomlers online
  • Have fun and learn in a friendly environment


The idea for Bugs & Fun @home came about when most of Europe was in lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic. It came out of a discussion in a Production team meeting. The first incarnation was Pizza Bugs & Fun without the Pizza And the first online meeting Saturday 4th April. It is held weekly every Saturday. Its name was changed to Bugs & Fun @Home. Details were on a spreadsheet until this article was written.

Meeting rooms

There are meeting rooms provided every week. The current rooms are here:

Early Room 00:00UTC to 12:00UTC Saturday, Weekly


Google Meet
This weekend, it's more than just bug testing...
Join on Google Meet: bke-ufkq-eif Check your local time
Meet URL is permanent every weekend until updated.

Call into the Early Room from 00:00UTC to 12:00UTC to talk about anything Joomla!
Early Room Convenor, Patrick Jackson is in Melbourne, Australia, which has gone back into Stage 3 COVID Restrictions following local outbreaks in Australia. So he's stuck at home, and will be doing some Joomla 4 Patch Testing and Documentation improvements, but is up for a conversation on anything Joomla related if anyone's wanting to jump online.

Afternoon Room UTC

Google Meet on Request
Google Meet rooms are also available for each BFH on request if you prefer it to Zoom.
13:00 - 15:00 UTC https://meet.google.com/ywv-ncoj-ubk
Dial-in: (GB) +44 20 3956 9352 PIN: 363 609 351#
To complete the day, an additional Meet link is also added later in the day.

Getting Started

Find Out More

If you're just looking to get started and want to find out more about whether you can contribute, the short answer is yes!

There's plenty of tasks needing to be done by people with many skills and interests - it's not all just patch testing, and we don't expect everyone to walk in the door, turn on beastmode and clear the queue!

Joining a Meet one weekend is a great start - even it it's just for a 10 minute chat to find out what you do in Joomla. We can help put you in touch with some other teams to get involved with if you're interested.

Tools To Use

There's some other tools to use to get involved as a Bug Tester for Joomla, as well as if you're looking to get involved in the Joomla project overall. The links below take you to pages on JDOCs that will help you get started.

  • RingCentral (Glip) is the communication tool used by the Joomla Project.
    • Once you've been added on RingCentral, search for the Bugs & Fun @Home channel to join the conversation.
  • GitHub is the tool Joomla uses for managing the code for the CMS, and a login to GitHub also allows you to use the Issues Tracker.
  • Joomla Documentation Wiki is where all of the Joomla Help documents are created and managed, and to help with documentation, create an account there and you can then help with updating Joomla's help.
  • Crowdin is the translation management tool all of Joomla's official language packs are managed in. Creating an account there will allow you to help with contributing to translations in your own language.

Bugs & Fun Activities List

The types of activity are split into three levels - Explorer, Adventurer and Conqueror. You can access the current list of tasks being looked at in this Google Sheet.


  • Writing, reviewing, updating and improving current documents.
  • Translating documents into different languages.

The full list is currently on this sheet Explorer tab


  • Testing patches

This is where we test patches and using the chat feature provided on every Bugs & Fun @Home we can check with others online for help in conducting the tests and collaborate with others to get the second tester needed to fulfil the testing requirements. At the moment it is still in this spreadsheet tab Adventurer tab We are looking to move this to tags in GitHub



Release Blockers



  • Creating pull requests

This is where you are encouraged to make your own pull requests. Others can then help to test the pull request and if it passes it may make it into the core of Joomla. The list is currently held on this spreadsheet Conqueror tab


The following resources are available to help you to get the various jobs done.

Joomla Docs

Joomla! Code Contributors

Joomla on GitHub


Joomla Issues on GitHub


Pizza bugs and fun


Issue tracker


Patch testing article

Testing Jooma! patches

Patchtester 4 for Joomla 4 download


Patchtester 3 for Joomla 3 download


Prebuilt Packages

Prebuild packages

Joomla Nightly Builds


Setting up your J4 Environment

Setting Up Your Local Environment



Next Joomla 3 release candidate


Testing sheet for release candidates

CMS Release Checksheet (GoogleDocs)