CMS Development Wishlist

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Wish List from the CMS Team

This is a list of small to medium sized code projects that the CMS would find useful. Please feel free to work on any of them.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Moziilla Persona Authentication

Create authentication plugins for the major players in this area.

Map in contact layout

Incorporation of a map in the contact layout (can build on the maps module created as part of GSoC see Elin for details) Basically this can render Module() in the layout and have the usual show/hide options.

Gravatar support

Create a small api to support gravatar, look at the captcha api as an example so that this is injectable and could support avatars from other sources also .

api key management

Small component (or even just table management) for managing public and private keys This would basically support a table with fields: id, service name, public, private (possibly url) and would allow users to create, delete, update this information. A good use case is the current support for reCaptcha which is storing keys in the plugin params, which is problematic .

Comment Services APIS + Integration

Create APIs for support Disqus and other services that provide commenting. (Make it in such a way that new services can be added) in the future, but just supporting disqus now would be highly useful -- possibly facebook comments would also be easy since we have the facebook API and similarly for Google plus) This is really potentially two projects

Social media module or JLayout for “likes”

(Work on this is in progress and ready for testing)

Create a social media module or JLayout for “like/+1” type social media interactions.


Create a way to translate the timezone list

Currently there is no way to translate the timezone list. Come up with a code solution for doing so.


Develop a way to implement TinyUrls for cms content. This could be an internal method or a way of allowing users to chose a service provider for this.


Finish com_patchtester for making patch testing easier. (Can be found on GitHub here)

Require Authentication to Change Password

Write an improvement to com_users so that a user must supply the existing password prior to changing to a new password.

JFeed Parser for RDF

Write a parser for RDF so that JFeed can correctly render such feeds.

Feed writing in RDF format

Move feed from JDocument to JFeed

Make JFeed more like JRegistry in having it manage reads and writes. Mainly this is a migration and testing.

Random Method for JDatabase

Implement a random method with cross database support.

Ongoing wishes

*Expand use of JLayouts wherever possible.
*Work on eliminating JError use
*Tests in all trees (cms, legacy, joomla)
*Work on code style
*Work on duplicate code reduction