CSS Class Names Frontend in Version 1.6

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List of CSS class names used in the front end core layout files.

Class Description
actions list of print/email/pdf/edit etc icon buttons
archive-items items in the archive
archive(suffix) archive page
archive-module(suffix) articles archive module
article the container for an article and its metadata
bannergroup(suffix) banner module
banneritem item in the banner module
bannerfooter footer in the banner module
blog(suffix) blog layout page
breadcrumbs(suffix) breadcrumbs module
cat-items items in the category
categories-list(suffix) categories view
category category table
category-desc block with category image and description
category-list(suffix) category list (sortable table) layout
cols1 total number of columns in multi-column layout is 1
cols2 (or 3 or 4, etc) total number of columns in multi-column layout is 2 (or 3 or 4, etc)
column1 column 1 in possible multi-column layout
column2 (or 3 or 4, etc) column 2 (or 3 or 4, etc) in possible multi-column layout
counter page x of x display
created-by person who created the article
created-date date the article was created
display-limit display number limit
edit-icon edit icon
element-invisible class for elements to not be visible but readable by screen readers
email-icon email icon
filter-search search filter
filter-search-lbl label for the search filter
filters filters for the items
item-category category in the item-info list
item-info information about the item such as category, created date, author, etc
item-page(suffix) single article page
item-separator separator at the end of each article
items-intro block of articles with introductions
items-leading block of leading articles
items-more block of links to additional articles
latestnews(suffix) latest news module
list-author author column
list-date date column
list-hits hits column
list-title title column
modified-date last date article modified
mostread(suffix) popular articles module
pagination block display page numbers & pagination links
pathway breadcrumb links
pdf-icon pdf icon button
print-icon print icon button
readmore read more link
row0 odd rows in tables
row1 even rows in tables
subcategories list of subcategory links
system-unpublished article is an "unpublished" article

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