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Cada parte do Joomla! desenvolvida pelo site da Web ou qualquer tipo de CMS do site da Web precisa de um método para exibir e guardar o seu conteúdo logicamente. O método usual é por categorias e subcategorias. Joomla! permite várias maneiras para exibir e utilizar o conteúdo controlado por categorização. Alguns dos tipos de conteúdo categorizados são artigos (Conteúdo principal das páginas da Web), faixas, contactos e hiperligações da Web.

Joomla! category named "Uncategorised" is the default category, assigned to any and all content types. The "Uncategorised" category is not descriptive and should be used on as needed basis for content types which do not fall under a specific category.

When creating and assigning categories, you should have a planned structure. As an example, this is one way of how you would categorise several Joomla articles on birds. Create two top article categories called "Animals" and "Plants". Under the "Animals" category, you might have sub categories called "Birds" and "Mammals". Under the "Birds" sub category, you might have 3 articles named "Hawks," "Parrots" and "Sparrows".

  • Animais
    • Pássaros
      • Falcões
      • Papagaios
      • Pardais
    • Mamíferos

The example above could be expanded even more with specific articles on different species of Hawks, Parrots and Sparrows. Start with using an "Animal" top Category, placing the sub categories "Birds" and "Mammals" are under the "Animal" category, and then a "Hawks," "Parrots" and "Sparrows" sub category under the "Birds" Sub Category as shown below.

Now you can create multiple articles in the Hawk, Parrot and Sparrow sub categories using the different genus or common names of the specific types of these 3 birds.

Categories and their sub categories are maintained using the "Category Manager" which can be reached in the administrator back-end interface by clicking on the "Content" menu type, then the "Category Manager" menu item for the type.

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