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This modular chunk can be used to display info about an item's Metadata Options.

Please add the new templates you created to this page (inside the "noinclude" tags so it displays only here, not when the chunk is transcluded on an actual help page). Please keep the samples alphabetically ordered to make them easier to find.

Help screen column headers[edit]


  • Alternate Page Title. An optional alternate page title that will change the TITLE tag in the HTML output.


  • Author. The author of this content.


  • Created. Date and time when this item was created.


  • Meta Description. Optional text entered here will be added to the page's HTML output and may be displayed in search engine results.


  • External Reference. Allows this record to be cross referenced to external data.


  • Meta Keywords. Optional comma-separated list that will be added to the HTML keywords output.


  • Modified Date. Shows the last date the item was modified.


  • Content Rights. Rights others have to use this content.


  • Robots. This will be added to the page's HTML output. Options are: Use Global, Index-Follow, No index-Follow, Index-No follow, No index-No follow, and Don't display robots tag.