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This section lets you display images and links in your articles using standardized layouts.

  • Link A. The URL for the first link to be displayed in a fixed location in the article text. This must be a full URL, not relative. For example, it normally would start with https://.
  • Texte du lien A : texte à afficher pour ce lien. Si laissé vide, l'URL sera affichée.
  • URL Target Window. Sets the default value for the target for the first Link in the article. Choices are:
    • Use Global: Use the value set in Articles  Options.
    • Open in parent window: Opens the link in the main browser window, replacing the current Joomla article.
    • Open in new window: Opens the link in a new browser window.
    • Open in pop up: Opens the link in a pop-up browser window (without full navigation controls).
    • Modal: Opens the link in a modal pop-up window.
Note: Same options for the second 'Link B' and the third 'Link C'.