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Component Description

Provides an overview of the Tags available on a Joomla site. The screen is used to find, add, edit and delete Tags.

Tags Edit

This is where you can

  • Add a new Tag.
  • Edit an existing Tag.

Used to set global defaults for menu items that display tags. These default values will be used when "Use Global" is selected for an option in an Tags menu item.

Menu Items Description
Compact List of Tagged Items

Used to create a 'Compact List of Tagged Items' page per tag(s) selected.

List All Tags

Used to create a 'List All Tags' page per tag(s) selected.

Tagged Items

Used to create a 'Tagged Items' page per tag(s) selected.

Module Description
Popular Tags

This module displays tags used on the site in a list or a cloud layout. Tags can be ordered by title or by the number of tagged items and limited to a specific time period.

Similar Tags

The Similar Tags Module displays links to other items with similar tags. The closeness of the match can be specified.