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The Batch Process allows a change in settings for a group of selected field groups marked with a check-mark in the corresponding check-mark boxes. To use: select one or more field groups form the table of field groups being viewed and click on the 'Batch' Toolbar button. This will open a pop up window as shown below.


You can change one value or all values at one time.

Note: if you copy items to a new category, changes you have selected from language and access level will be applied to the copies, not the original.

How to Batch Process a group of field groups:

  1. Select one or more field groups on the list by selecting the desired checkbox(es).
  2. Click the 'Batch' Toolbar button.
  3. Set one or more of the following values:
  • To change the Language, select the desired language from the Set Language list box.
  • To change the Access Levels, select the desired new access level from the Set Access Level list box.
When all of the settings are entered, click on Process to perform the changes. A message "Batch process completed successfully." will show.

Note that nothing will happen if you

  • don't have any items selected or
  • have not selected a language or access level..

If you wish to clear your entered selections, click on the Clear button. This will return all of the Batch controls to their default values. Note that this does not uncheck the check boxes for the items.