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Image. This button provides an easy way to insert an image into an Article. Images may be inserted from the 'images' folder and may also be uploaded. When you click the Image button, a window pops up, as shown below:

  • Folder. The current directory on the host server. This is the 'images' directory under your Joomla! home directory. Use the drop-down list box to select a subdirectory.
  • Up. Navigate to the parent directory. Note that the top directory for this function is 'images'. You can not navigate to a higher directory.
  • Insert. Insert the selected image. The insert point will be the current cursor position. You will see the image display inside the edit window.
  • Cancel. Cancel the operation and close the popup window. You can cancel also in clicking the X at right top corner.
  • Thumbnail Browse Area. Click on an image thumbnail to select the image. Click on a folder icon to navigate to that subdirectory.
  • Image URL. Click on one of the image thumbnails and the URL for the image will be entered for you.
  • Image Description. Enter a description for the image.
  • Caption. If entered, this will displayed as a caption below the image.
  • Image Float. This will apply the classes 'pull-left', 'pull-center' or 'pull-right' to the '<figure>' or '<img>' element.
  • Image Title. Enter a Title for this image. This displays when a User hovers the mouse on the image.
  • Caption Class. This will apply the entered class to the '<figcaption>' element. For example: 'text-left', 'text-center'.
  • Upload file. Click this button to browse to an image file to upload from your local computer. A file dialog will open allowing you to select a file.
  • Start Upload. Once you have selected a file, press this button to upload the file to your Joomla! 'images' folder. The thumbnail for the new image will now show in the thumbnail area.