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Integration Options[edit]

These options control the display of news feeds.


  • Show Feed Link. (Show/Hide) Whether to Show or Hide a link to a news feed (RSS Feed). If set to Show, a Feed Link will show up as a feed icon in the address bar of most modern browsers.
  • Include in Feed. (Intro Text/Full Text) If Intro Text, only the article's intro text will show in the feed. Otherwise, the entire text of the article will show.
  • Show "Read More". (Show/Hide) Show or Hide a "Read more" link in the newsfeed.
  • Show "URL Routing". (Legacy/Modern) Modern routing enables advanced features but may change your URLs. Legacy routing ensures full comptability for existing sites. This is configured per component.
  • Show "Enable Custom Fields". (Yes/No) Enable the creation of custom fields.