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  • Name: Enter a name for the banner
  • Alias: The alias is for internal use only. Leave this blank and Joomla will fill in a default value from the title. It has to be unique for each banner in the same category.


  • Type: (Image/Custom). Choose the type of banner. Select Image to display an image from /images/banners/ directory. Select Custom to enter you custom code.
  • Image: Select an image for this banner. Images have to be in the /images/banners/ directory.
  • Width: The width of the banner
  • Height: The height of the banner
  • Alternative Text: Alternative text for the banner image.
  • Click URL: The URL used when the banner is clicked on.
  • Description: Enter a description for the banner
  • Category: (Sample Data-Banners/Uncategorised). Choose a category for this banner
  • Status: (Published/Unpublished/Archived/Trashed). Defines the status of the banner
  • Sticky: (Yes/No). Whether or not the Banner is 'sticky'. If one or more Banners in a Category are sticky, they will take priority over Banners that are not sticky. For example, if two Banners in a Category are sticky and a third Banner is not sticky, the third Banner will not display if the module setting is 'Sticky, Randomise'. Only the two sticky Banners will display.
  • Language: (All/English (UK)). Assign a language to this banner
  • Version Note: Enter an optional note for this version of the item.


  • Max. Impressions: Total limit of impressions defined for the banner.
  • Total Impressions: Displays the number of impressions made for the banner.
  • Total Clicks: Displays the number of clicks on the banner. Click on reset if desired.
  • Client: (No client/Bookstore/Joomla!/Shop). Choose a client for this banner
  • Purchase Type: (Use Client Default/Unlimited/Yearly/Monthly/Weekly/Daily). Select the type of purchase in the list.
  • Track Impressions: (Use Client Default/No/Yes). Record the impressions (views) of the banners on a daily basis.
  • Track Clicks: (Use Client Default/No/Yes). Record the number of clicks on the banners on a daily basis.


  • Start Publishing: An optional date to Start Publishing the banner.
  • Finish Publishing: An optional date to Finish Publishing the banner.
  • Created Date: Banner created date
  • Created by: Select the name of the user who created the banner.
  • Created by alias: Enter an alias to be displayed instead of the name of the user who created the banner.
  • Modified Date: The date and time that the banner was last modified.
  • Revision: A count of the number of times this article has been revised.
  • ID: Record number in the database
  • Meta Keywords: Enter the meta keywords for the banner
  • Use Own Prefix: (Yes/No). Use own prefix or the client prefix
  • Meta Keyword Prefix: When matching Meta Keywords, only search for Meta Keywords with this prefix (improves performance).