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  • Category Title: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If Show, the Category Title will show as a subheading on the page. The subheading is usually displayed inside the "H2" tag.
  • Category Description: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide the description of the selected Category.
  • Category Image: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide the image of the selected Category.
  • Subcategory Levels: (Use Global/All/None/1/2/3/4/...). The number of subcategory levels to display.
  • Empty Categories: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If Show, empty categories will display. A category is only empty - if it has no Contacts or subcategories.
  • Subcategories Descriptions: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide the subcategories descriptions.
  • # Contacts in Category: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide the number of Contacts in category

List Layouts[edit]

  • Filter Field: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether to show a Filter field for the list. Select Hide to hide the filter field
  • Display Select: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether to show or hide the Display Select dropdown listbox.
  • Table Headings: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide the headings in list layouts.
  • Position: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a Position column in the list of Contacts.
  • Email: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide an Email column in the list of Contacts.
  • Phone: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a Phone column in the list of Contacts.
  • Mobile: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide show a Mobile column in the list of Contacts.
  • Fax: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a Fax column in the list of Contacts.
  • City or Suburb: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a City or Suburb column in the list of Contacts.
  • State or County: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a State or County column in the list of Contacts.
  • Country: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show/Hide a Country column in the list of Contacts.
  • Pagination: (Use Global/Hide/Show/Auto). Show or hide Pagination support. Pagination provides page links at the bottom of the page that allow the User to navigate to additional pages. These are needed if the Information will not fit on one page.
  • Pagination Results: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide pagination results information, for example, "Page 1 of 4".
  • Sort by: (Use Global/Name/Sort Name/Ordering). Choose the field or fields by which contacts will be sorted.

Contact Display Options[edit]

  • Display format: (Use Global/Sliders/Tabs/Plain). Determines the style used to display sections of the contact form
  • Contact Category: (Use Global/Hide/Show Without Link/Show With Link). If "Hide", the Contact Category will not show. If "Show Without Link", Category will show as text. If "Show With Link", Category will show as a link to a Single Category Menu Item.
  • Show Contact List: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If Show, the user will be able to change which contact is shown by selecting a contact from a drop-down list of all contacts in the current contact category.
  • Name: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show name of the contact
  • Contact's Position: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide position
  • Email: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide contact email
  • Street Address: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide street address
  • City or Suburb: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide city or suburb
  • State or County: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide state or county
  • Postal Code: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide postal or zip code
  • Country: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide Country
  • Telephone: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide telephone number
  • Mobile phone: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide mobile number
  • Fax: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide fax number
  • Webpage: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide webpage
  • Misc. Information: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide miscellaneous information
  • Image: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Select the contact image.
  • vCard: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether or not to allow export to vCard format
  • Show User Articles: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If this contact is mapped to a user, and if this is set to Show, then a list of articles created by this user will show.
  • Show Links: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide the links.
  • Link A Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link B Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link C Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link D Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link E Label: An additional link for this contact

Mail Options[edit]

  • Show Contact Form: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide contact form.
  • Send Copy to Submitter: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Hide or Show checkbox to allow copy of email to be sent to submitter.
  • Banned Email: Email addresses not allowed to submit contact form.
  • Banned Subject: Subjects not allowed in contact form
  • Banned Text: Text not allowed in contact form body
  • Session Check: (Use Global/No/Yes). Check for the existence of session cookie. This means that users without cookies enabled will not be able to send emails.
  • Custom Reply: (Use Global/No/Yes). Turns off the automated reply, allowing for Plugins to handle integration with other systems.
  • Contact Redirect: Enter an alternative URL where the user will be redirected to after mail is sent.


  • Show Feed Link: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide an RSS Feed Link. (A Feed Link will show up as a feed icon in the address bar of most modern browsers).