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Contact Display Options[edit]

  • Display format: (Use Global/Sliders/Tabs/Plain). Determines the style used to display sections of the contact form
  • Contact Category: (Use Global/Hide/Show Without Link/Show With Link). If "Hide", the Contact Category will not show. If "Show Without Link", Category will show as text. If "Show With Link", Category will show as a link to a Single Category Menu Item.
  • Show Contact List: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If Show, the user will be able to change which contact is shown by selecting a contact from a drop-down list of all contacts in the current contact category.
  • Show Tags: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show the tags for a contact
  • Name: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show name of the contact
  • Contact's Position: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide position
  • Email: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide contact email
  • Street Address: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide street address
  • City or Suburb: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide city or suburb
  • State or County: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide state or county
  • Postal Code: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide postal or zip code
  • Country: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide Country
  • Telephone: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide telephone number
  • Mobile phone: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide mobile number
  • Fax: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide fax number
  • Webpage: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide webpage
  • Misc. Information: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide miscellaneous information
  • Image: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Select the contact image.
  • vCard: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether or not to allow export to vCard format
  • Show User Articles: (Use Global/Hide/Show). If this contact is mapped to a user, and if this is set to Show, then a list of articles created by this user will show.
  • Show Links: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide the links.
  • Link A Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link B Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link C Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link D Label: An additional link for this contact
  • Link E Label: An additional link for this contact

Mail Options[edit]

  • Show Contact Form: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or Hide contact form.
  • Send Copy to Submitter: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Hide or Show checkbox to allow copy of email to be sent to submitter.
  • Banned Email: Email addresses not allowed to submit contact form.
  • Banned Subject: Subjects not allowed in contact form
  • Banned Text: Text not allowed in contact form body
  • Session Check: (Use Global/No/Yes). Check for the existence of session cookie. This means that users without cookies enabled will not be able to send emails.
  • Custom Reply: (Use Global/No/Yes). Turns off the automated reply, allowing for Plugins to handle integration with other systems.
  • Contact Redirect: Enter an alternative URL where the user will be redirected to after mail is sent.