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Tag Options[edit]

  • Show tag name: (Use Global/Hide/Show). For a layout with one tag, show the tag name
  • Tag Image: (Use Global/Hide/Show). For a layout with one tag, show the image for the tag
  • Tag Description: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide the description for the tag (only used when a single tag is selected)
  • Image: Show the tag image (full image)
  • Description: Optional description to show at the top of the list. For example, this can be used when you have a layout that includes more than one tag.
  • Show number of items: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Shows the number of items with a given tag
  • Order: (Use Global/Title/Number of matching tags/Created Date/Modified Date/Published Date). Order items will be displayed in
  • Direction: (Use Global/Ascending/Descending). Sort order. Descending is highest to lowest. Ascending is lowest to highest.

Item Options[edit]

  • Item image: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Shows the image for each item
  • Item description: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether to show or hide the description for each item in the list. The length may be limited using the Maximum Characters option.
  • Maximum Characters: The maximum number of characters to display from the description in each tag.
  • Filter Field: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether to show a Filter field for the list. Select Hide to hide the filter field

Pagination Options[edit]

  • Display Select: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Whether to show or hide the Display Select dropdown listbox.
  • Pagination: (Use Global/Hide/Show/Auto). Show or hide Pagination support. Pagination provides page links at the bottom of the page that allow the User to navigate to additional pages. These are needed if the Information will not fit on one page.
  • Pagination Results: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide pagination results information, for example, "Page 1 of 4".

Item Selection Options[edit]

  • Match Type: (Use Global/All/Any). All will return items that have all of the tags. Any will return items that have at least one of the tags.
  • Child Tags: (Use Global/Exclude/Include). Include or exclude child tags from the result list for a tag
  • Maximum Items: The maximum number of results to return


  • Show Feed Link: (Use Global/Hide/Show). Show or hide an RSS Feed Link. (A Feed Link will show up as a feed icon in the address bar of most modern browsers).