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Scroll bars parameters[edit]

  • Scroll Bars: (No/Yes/Auto). Show/Hide the horizontal & vertical scrollbars. If you choose 'Auto', make sure the Auto advanced parameter is set.
  • Width: Width of the iframe window. You may enter an absolute figure in pixels or a relative figure by adding a %.
  • Height: Height of the IFrame window in pixels


  • Auto height: (Yes/No). If height is set to auto, the height will automatically be set to the size of the external page. This will only work for pages on your own domain. If you see a JavaScript error, make sure this parameter is disabled. This will break XHTML compatibility for this page.
  • Auto add: (Yes/No). By default, http:// will be added unless it detects http:// or https:// in the URL you provide. This allows you to switch off this functionality.
  • Frame border: (Yes/No).