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  • Title: Module must have a title


The Article Newsflash Module will display a fixed number of Articles from a specific Category or a set of Categories.

  • Category: Select Articles from a specific Category or a set of Categories. If no selection will show all categories as default
  • Show Images: (Yes/No). Display Article images
  • Show Article title: (Yes/No). Show/hide Article title
  • Linked Titles: (Use Global/No/Yes). Link the Article titles to Articles.
  • Header Level: (h1/h2/h3/h4/h5). Select the desired HTML header level for the Article titles.
  • Show last separator: (Yes/No). Show separator after last Article
  • 'Read more...' Link: (Show/Hide). If set to Show, the 'Read more...' link will show if Main text has been provided for an Article.
  • Number of Articles: (Show/Hide/Only show Featured Articles). Show/Hide Articles designated as Featured
  • Number of Articles: The number of Articles to display within this module
  • Order Results: (Published Date/Created Date/Ordering/Random). Select the order in which you want query results presented.