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  • Title: Module must have a title


The Banner Module displays the active Banners from the Component.

  • Target: (Open in parent window/Open in new window/Open in popup). Target window when the link is clicked
  • Count: (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/...). The number of banners to display (default 5)
  • Client: (No client/Bookstore/Joomla!/Shop). Select banners only from a single client.
  • Category: Select banners from a specific Category or a set of Categories. If no selection then it will show all categories as default.
  • Search by Meta Keyword: (Yes/No). Banner is selected by matching the banner tags to the current document meta keywords.
  • Randomise: (Sticky, Ordering/Sticky, Randomise). Randomise the ordering of the banners
  • Header Text: Text or HTML to display before the group of banners
  • Footer Text: Text or HTML to display after the group of banners