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  • Title: Module must have a title


This module displays a list of available Content Languages (as defined and published in Language Manager Content tab) for switching between them when one wants to use Joomla! as a multilingual site. --The plugin 'System - Language Filter' has to be...

  • Pre-text: This is the text or HTML that is displayed above the language switcher
  • Post-text: This is the text or HTML that is displayed below the language switcher
  • Use Dropdown: (Yes/No). If set to 'Yes', the display parameters below will be ignored. The content languages native names will display in a dropdown.
  • Use Image Flags: (Yes/No). If set to 'Yes', will display language choice as image flags. Otherwise will use the content language native names.
  • Horizontal Display: (Yes/No). Default is set to 'Yes', i.e. to horizontal display.
  • Active Language: (Yes/No). Display or not the active language. If displayed, the class 'lang-active' will be added to the element.
  • Languages Full Names: (Yes/No). If set to 'Yes' and image flags set to 'No', full content language native names are displayed. If set to 'No', upper case abbreviations from the content language's URL Language Code are used. Example: EN for English, FR for French.