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  • Title: Module must have a title


This module displays a menu on the frontend.

  • Select Menu: (About Joomla/Australian Parks/Fruit Shop/Main Menu/Top/User Menu). Select a menu in the list
  • Base Item: (Current/Getting Started/Using Joomla!/Using Extensions/Components/Content Component/...). Select a menu item to always be used as the base for the menu display. You must set the Start Level to the same level or higher than the level of the base item. This will cause the module to be displayed on all assigned pages. If Current is selected the currently active item is used as the base. This causes the module to only display when the parent menu item is active.
  • Start Level: (1/2/3/4/5/6/7/...). Level to start rendering the menu at. Setting the start and end levels to the same # and setting 'Show Sub-menu Items' to yes will only display that single level.
  • End Level: (All/1/2/3/4/5/6/...). Level to stop rendering the menu at. If you choose 'All', all levels will be shown depending on 'Show Sub-menu Items' setting.
  • Show Sub-menu Items: (Yes/No). Expand the menu and make its sub-menu items always visible.