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  • Title: Module must have a title


This module shows an iFrame window to specified location.

  • URL: URL to site/file you wish to display within the iframe.
  • Auto Add: (Yes/No). By default, http:// will be added unless it detects http:// or https:// in the URL you provide. This allows you to switch this ability off.
  • Scroll Bars: (Auto/No/Yes). Show/Hide Horizontal & Vertical Scroll Bars.
  • Width: Width of the iFrame window. You can enter an absolute figure in pixels or a relative figure by adding a %.
  • Height: Height of the iFrame window
  • Auto Height: (Yes/No). The height will automatically be set to the size of the external page. This will only work for pages on your own domain.
  • Frame border: (Yes/No). Show frame border which wraps the iframe
  • Target Name: Name of the iFrame when used as Target