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Editor Tab[edit]

  • Select a file to edit. The edit area shows syntax highlighted text for some types of file.

Create Overrides Tab[edit]

  • Select an item to override. This is done immediately with no prompt for confirmation. The override is placed in the appropriate location. For example, if you make an override for mod_whosonline you will see this message:
Look in html/mod_whosonline to see the created files.

Template Description Tab[edit]

  • Thumbnail and Description. Information on this template.

Update Files Tab[edit]

If there have been no updates to the template since overrides were created this tab will contain a simple message:

  • Notice. Overridden files are up to date. Nothing has been changed in the last extension or Joomla update.

If there have been updates, a table will show a list of overrides that need to be reviewed.