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== This is a special Briefing Header which is displayed on each new Chapter Head page ==
The Chapter Head page is constructed with a Chapter Head layout template.
For the template you provide 5 parameters.
  1. The name of the Chapter Head, e.g. Introduction. Must be provided.
  2. y turns the Header on. In this case you must also provide Chunk:M16_Name_Header. Blank gets nothing.
  3. y turns the Footer on. In this case you must also provide Chunk:M16_Name_Footer. Blank gets nothing.
  4. y adds "- In Preparation" to the name. Blank gets nothing.
  5. y adds the Future notice. Blank gets nothing
The initial template state is a name and four values set to y to display the whole page.
The Header chunk of each new Chapter Head is pointed at an advice Chunk. Create your own unique Chunk or disconnect it.
The parameter order is chosen to reflect my judgement of the likelihood of parameters being dropped.
Earlier = less likely to be dropped.
  • Think about how this page should be organised.
  • Set the parameters to match your design in edit mode
  • Save the file - all the names in red will change from Test * to your new value.
  • Complete each of the Chunks shown in red on the finished page.
  • As you complete a Chunk think if any part of it will be reused. If it will make it a little Chunk.
  • Please read the Contributors Advice pages