Paquete de actualización

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This page is a translated version of the page Chunk:Upgrade Package and the translation is 100% complete.

An Upgrade Package in Joomla! is an archive of files that contain the files that have changed between Joomla! versions. When this archive is unpacked, it replaces the old version of the modified files with the new version. For example, if fifty files were changed between version 3.x.1 and 3.x.2, the upgrade package from 3.x.1 to 3.x.2 would contain these fifty files and, when unpacked, would replace these fifty files and upgrade the installed version from 3.x.1 to 3.x.2.

Los paquetes de actualización a veces se denominan archivos de parche. Antes de instalar un paquete de actualización, lea las notas de la versión y las instrucciones de actualización relativas a dicho paquete. >


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